About Us

Producers, packers and exporters

Our company is dedicated to fruit and vegetable production, packaging and marketing. 

We are a family group of organic producers from Centenario and Añelo’s area in the northern part of Patagonia Argentina.

Our packing house, La Deliciosa SA, is equipped with modern processing technology, capacity cooling chambers and controlled atmosphere. This allows us to offer our customers high standard products all over the year.  


Our duty involves:

• Vegetable, pit and pip, organic fruit production.

 •Fresh fruit packing. 

• Conventional and controlled atmosphere cold storage. 

• Internal and external market sales.

Our vision

We are a company in full organizational and productive conversion which seeks to strengthen internally and externally as well with the goal to set firm foundations to consolidate as a goods and services provider firm with enough versatility to reach with our products all markets where potential customers and their needs may be satisfied. 


With this mission in mind, we count on human and technical resources and raw materials, and we have the solidity and experience, that constant and successful work fosters, with vision and committed to environmental and ecological harmonic growing. 

Our mission

Our aim is to be recognized by customers because of our excellence in services or the products acquired, achieving quality and quantity requirements in time and presentation in the demanded place, conjugating for this, with equilibrium the different elements and organizations involved in the whole process. 


Once this fundamental aspect has been fulfilled and with its outcomes, we intend to obtain the economical and satisfaction achievements of our main organization participants: producers, staff, directors and shareholders as well as the rest of the actors who intervene – suppliers, banks, government agencies, etc.


La Deliciosa S.A. is a mainly exporter company which produces organic fruit. This positions it as an international fruit market in a business rank, which is in constant expansion to Asiatic and Russian market in particular. 

Nowadays it is known in United States, Canada, Brazil, European Union and England. Especially in United States it has had a huge expansion in the last years. It concentrates approximately 10% Argentinean production of apples, pears, plums and organic cherry. 



The company stars products are on the one hand, its pears variety and on the other hand, the new variety of apples which are being cultivated since a few years ago all around the world. This fact joined to the characteristic of being a certified organic product allows consumers from all over the world markets to access to an outstanding product.
In addition, as a marketing strategy, it is merchandised with its own brands such as Patagonia, Centenario and Valle Encantado.



Presently, the company has a customers’ portfolio with 10 clients all over the world. Two of them represent 30% of sales and the rest in similar parts.

The organic fruit local market is small, it represents only 2% of the sales but it is in constant expansion as all organic markets. It represented 0.5% in 2010.

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